Gout-flare prophylaxis that allows for simple and flexible titration1

The individualized inflammation solution


GLOPERBA® (colchicine) 0.6 mg oral solution is indicated for prophylaxis of gout flares in adults. The safety and effectiveness of GLOPERBA for acute treatment of gout flares during prophylaxis has not been studied.

GLOPERBA is not an analgesic medication and should not be used to treat pain from other causes.

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Gloperba Packaging

GLOPERBA: Designed to prevent gout flares and facilitate simple titration

Comorbidities are a fact of life in gout. As the first and only liquid formulation of colchicine, GLOPERBA can help you prevent flares and manage dose adjustments in patients who may require them due to tolerability issues.1-3

Gloperba Packaging

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